Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Free Spyware Removal?

I love all the so called 'Free' computer tools that I have seen on other peoples' blogs.(as I roll on the floor laughing and pointing my finger at the computer screen) Let me tell you about all the 'Free' stuff that is out there... One word... SPYWARE!!(OK, more than one word... adware, phishing, ID theft, keyloggers, mallware, hacktools, viruses, worms, and the list goes on...)
I have downloaded just about every 'Free' tool out there and all of them, without exception, had some kind of extra little piece of code that I had to get another piece of software to remove. That's how the 'Free' stuff works people!
I finally bought a legitimate piece of software and 'Bingo' problem solved! No more pop-ups, no more DLL errors, no more freezing up, and a lot of extra speed that I didn't expect!
What did I buy?
Go here to see.

Sunday, December 17, 2006

Face The Truth!

The truth is that there are a lot of websites out there trying to get your attention, and most of them are junk. Phishing sites, Sales sites, Free offers, etc. Most of these are out to scam you in some way or another. Not to mention viruses, keyloggers, and other hacker tools.
Free stuff always has some kind of adware, spyware, or other disruptive software attached to it.(that is how they make thier money) If you buy something, you often have to worry about being scammed in the process.
I have scoured the Internet for the best legitimate offers out there. From working at home, to computer cleaners, to music, movies, and games.
Visit my website to see what I have found.